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Hydro Laser Cut was formed in 1998 and was originally called Charlestown Electronic Services (CES). The business was so named due to the early work that it carried out for Delta Electricity. An Omax water cutter was purchased in 2000 to accommodate the Delta Electricity work but when this contract finished CES diversified mainly into the profiling market serving various industries such as mining, engineering and rail. During this time the name was changed to CES Profile. A 2.7kw Bristow Laser cutting machine was introduced in 2005 to compliment the Omax water cutter and provide a complete cutting and profiling service to the Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas.

CES Profile was purchased by Dave Boertje in 2012 and the name was changed to Hydro Laser Cut Pty Ltd to more reflect the true nature of the business. A new 3kw Penta laser was purchased in 2013 to replace the older Bristow laser to increase capacity and capabilities. In 2017 a new Techni Water Jet with a larger 3m x 1.5m cutting bed was purchased to replace the aging Omax water cutter which increased efficiency as well as cutting speeds. In 2018 we moved our operations into a brand new 1300m2 factory to accommodate the installation of a new 10kw Penta Bolt Fibre Laser with a 6m x 2m cutting bed that is currently the largest high powered laser in Australia. Hydro Laser Cut has 10 employees and provides comprehensive profiling and light fabrication solutions to a wide array of customers in and around the Newcastle area. If you are looking for professional team to meet your profiling and fabrication needs, Hydro Laser Cut with over 20 years of experience are your smart choice.


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